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Tek is an Italian company that produces 100% FSC certified wooden brushes, combs and other products that are a must-have item for every hairdresser. With a special attention given to environmental protection, every single component of Tek’s wooden products have been crafted following sustainable principles. Tek’s products combine Made in Italy craftsmanship and technology, without ignoring design and fashion, and have been dedicated to different cosmetic and beauty market areas like beauty salons, perfumery, herbalist’s shops and pharmacies.



Based on an idea of Giulio Valsecchi, TEK was born in 1977 and entered into the Italian market with a patented, unique product: a brush with wooden bristles. The material choice was made on the basis of its highly specific qualities, ideal for beauty and health of both hair and body.

TEK was immediately confirmed as an innovative and award-winning company. Its products were exhibited at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City, and the company also received an award in the Honour Selection of the Gran Design International Exposition at The Museum of Science and Technology of Milan. In 2000, to reinforce their leadership in the professional sector, TEK created their TEK Ceramik System: the first brush to use aerospace technology in order to guarantee that professional hairstylists will get the perfect brush. TEK Ceramik brushes are the result of an innovative technology: on the roll there is a unique ceramic silicon carry-over applied by special laser technology.



TEK’s products are 100% hand-made in Italy, and are characterized by high quality standards and a particular attention to design and trend without neglecting the traditional craft that distinguished our country time-after-time.

Made in Italy for TEK is synonymous with:

  • Craftmanship: every accessory is handmade by a qualified Italian staff member in order to guarantee an overall production system that works with higher ethical standards, avoiding the use of child labor.
  • Attention to details: all items are individually controlled before packaging.
  • Attention to the environment: all wood used in the development of products comes from sustainable in an effort to avoid wild deforestation.
  • Quality: TEK continues research into new technologies in order to constantly create more innovative products.
  • Beauty: a fashionable color palette and a sophisticated design make TEK’s products unique.
    TEK doesn’t only produce only under their own brand, but has developed partnerships with renowned companies such as Emporio Armani, L’Oreal, Kerastase, Wella, Victoria’s Secret and many others.



TEK's research center is constantly developing technologies that will reach new levels of innovation. In 2000, with the birth of the TEK Ceramik System, TEK created the first brush to use aerospace technology that can guarantee a perfect air styling. Today, Ceramik Antibacterial is the first brush to eradicate bacteria in order to better serve professional hair stylists.



Tek is also characterized by the environmental awareness present in all the production chain:

  • The woods came from responsible and well managed forests
  • It’s used a natural “caucciù” rubber to avoid the use of oil derivative
  • The finishing part, hand made, is realized on the base of sustainable principles with the use of linen oil and bee wax colored with vegetal aniline.
  • The packaging is made of natural carton produced in accordance with the Well Managed Forest that certify that the support carton fiber are coming from forests with integrated sustainable cultivation




All of TEK’s brushes and combs in ash wood are 100% FSC certified (Forestm Stewardship Council). This mark identifies products that contain wood coming from well-managed forests, and adhere to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The source forest is independently controlled and evaluated in accordance with good forest management principles, which have been established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. This certification demonstrates TEK’s intention to be respectful towards the ecosystem. We use raw materials from forests managed in a sustainable manner and whose origin is reliable and verifiable, thanks to the FSC Certified Chain. FSC is an independent, non-profit organization that sets the standards for what a responsibly managed forest should be by collaborating with environmental groups, social organizations, and businesses, as well as forest owners and managers, processing companies, campaigners, and individuals like you.




B Corp®

In March 2017, TEK announced that it added the prestigious B Corp® Certification to its already impressive line-up of proactive endeavors in order to further create a positive social and environmental impact. B Corp® companies are for-profit companies who have chosen to go through the evaluation process to uphold the meticulous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. The certified B Corp® companies participate in a new business model that contributes to the resolution of social problems and environmental development. Earning a B Corp® Certification is a very important recognition for TEK, as it reflects the values of a company that will continue to strive to better serve the community, the environment and its customers in all ways.





In December 2018, TEK acquires the VEGANOK certification, the first and only standard for Ethical Vegan products created in Italy that guarantees the consumer the absence of animal parts within the product.
TEK, for its consumer line, uses only natural materials, from every single part that makes up the product up to the packaging.




The continuing growing into the discover of always new technologies ensures TEK will constantly improve the quality and style of its products, creting beautiful and performant accessories. TEK continues with immense passion to propose to professional hair stylists (B2B) as well as individual clients (B2C) products which are more and more efficient.



Abroad, where the “Made in Italy” is a guarantee of high-quality products and beauty, the TEK’s products have been accepted with enthusiasm; TEK is in more than 20 nations in all the five continents, TEK has been able to spread its love for the beauty and health of hair and for the nature all over the world.

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