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There is a missing pin in the brush, why?

We let one hole free in order to let the hair pass through making the brush pneumatic


Which kind of brush is right for my hair?

There is a very simple rule, as more the hair are long the more the brush’s teeth have to be long.


Can I wash the brush?

It’s a good hygienic rule to wash the brushes with water and neutral soap, once it is washed wipe with a towel and not under a direct heat source.


Which is the difference between a bristles brush and a wooden teeth brushes?

Brushes with wild boar bristles are perfect to give volume to the hair. Brushes with wooden pins are perfect for the health of both hair and scalp.


Which is the difference between a thermic brush and a wild boar roll brush?

Thermic brushes let the styling time be quick, because it reflects the air heat of the hair dryer. Round brushes with wild boar bristles make the hair shiny and straight.


How many times a day I have to brush my hair?

There are no rules about this, we advise the use of the brush at least 2 times a day, morning/evening, and take care to start from the root until the length of the hair.


In my hair take shape a lot of nodes, I have to use the combs or the brush?

The comb is useful to unwrap the nodes that take shape on the hair, once the nodes have been removed you can start the brushing.


If I use a plastic comb or brush, what happened to my hair?

The brushes and combs with plastic pins are produced by printing machine, so they can be imperfect and due to this imperfection they can deconstruct the hair; but wooden combs and brushes are perfectly smoothened; the plastic also causes electrostatic hair.


Which material is the pneumatic part of the brushes made of?

All the pneumatic parts of TEK’s brushes are produced with natural pure rubber, we use rubber because is more soft and is antistatic, as well is entirely biodegradable, we don’t use any petroleum derivative in any of our brushes.


What kind of wood are TEK’s brushes and combs made of?

All the brushes and the combs are made with ash wood, instead the pins of the brushes are made with hornbeam wood because is more flexible and so perfect for unravel knots and brush the hair.


Why should I use brushes with wooden pins?

The wooden pin have many functions: it massages the skin, it absorbs the sebum excess, it reactivates the blood circulation, it doesn’t rip the hair, it is hypoallergenic and antistatic.


What kind of colorants are used to paint brushes and combs?

All TEK’s items are colored with non-toxic vegetal origin pigments, while the natural brushes and combs are treated with linseed oil and pure beeswax, this treatment is act to maintain the wood incorruptibility.


Which brush is perfect for a pony tail or for different hairstyles?

The article 1573 is ideal for this use. It is made of wild boar and nylon bristles; this mix allow to pick up better and easily the hair.


I have extensions. Which brush should I use?

For the extensions there is a specific brush, the item 6170-03. It’s produced with long wild boar bristles. It gives volume to the locks of hair and, do to its softness, it avoids the bonding keratin substance breaking.


I loose my hair. What can I do?

You can use specific anti-fall products like shampoo and vials. We advise to use the scalp massage brush 1960-03 for the application both of the shampoo and of the anti-fall product. The massage allows to carry as well the active principle inside the scalp and to reactivate the blood microcirculation.


I have very curly hair. Which brush should I use?

For curly hair the perfect brush is the 1650. With its very long pin it penetrates as well inside the curls avoiding the risk to rip the hair.


If I want to create waves or a particular bangs which brush should I use?

The perfect brush is the 1120. It is half-rounded and, if it is used with the hairdryer allow to create perfect wave effects.


I have a baby, it is better to use the brush or the comb?

For the newborns, it’s better use the little brush with natural bristles (item 7180-03). It is extremely soft and it’s perfect to remove the traces of the “cradle cap”. As soon as the baby is growing up, it’s better to use the brush with wooden pins (item 7190-03) or the little comb.


My little daughter has very long hair and cries every time I have to brush them. What can I do?

It’s normal because until the adolescence the skin is very hypersensitive and sometimes it’s really painful. To solve this problem we advise to use the item 1650-03, brush with bending very long pins. During the brushing, hold the hair in one hand, and with the other hand brush gently starting from the tips to go up until the skin.


How often do I have to change my brush?

We recommend to change the brush every 2 years, even if the brush is intact.


But if we use wooden brushes and combs we deforested the planet?

TEK’s brushes are realized with 100% FSC certificated woods. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization that certificates that the employees woods as not coming from wild deforestation and grant to replant the trees for a sustainable development.


Where do the bristles of the brushes come from?

There are different kinds of bristles, they can be synthetic or of animal like the wild boar, or vegetal (like coconut or tampico). All the bristles are put under a productive process to be sterilized. Also the bristles are certificated and granted.

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